According to user reports, Apple’s latest iOS 15 contains various issues, including an issue with shared photos being erased from iMessage and Siri instructions not working.

Apple’s latest iOS 15 appears to be plagued with bugs and errors, according to sources. One problem with iOS 15 is the deletion of photos, as reported by users on Twitter, Reddit, and Apple’s support website. An image sent via the iMessage app appears to be saved to Photos when a user receives it, but when the user deletes the message thread, the image disappears.

“Essentially, it deletes the iMessage and any photographs saved to iCloud Photos from that message,” one user said on the Apple community forum. It’s almost as if iMessage is tied to iCloud Photographs for photos saved to the Photos app from an iMessage.”

The customer also stated that they “tried this across numerous devices, both iPhone and iPad, and even tried resetting the phones and iPads to factory defaults and setting them up as new, but no luck.”

On Reddit, a person posted this in a thread titled ‘iOS 15 Share with You Disappearing Photo glitch’ and stated that they were experiencing the same problem with their iPhone 13. “It’s as if iOS determined that because I deleted the Message that sent me the photo, surely I don’t want the photo anymore either (despite the fact that I deliberately saved it!”),” they added.

It should be emphasised that Apple has not yet recognised the problem. Users of the Apple iPhone 13 have also reported an issue that stops them from using the Unlock with Apple Watch feature. Apple said the fault will be resolved in an upcoming software update and has acknowledged the issue

According to MacRumors, Apple is presently beta testing iOS 15.1, which includes a remedy for the Unlock with Apple Watch problem. The corporation has not yet specified an exact date for the software update’s release.

Another issue with iOS 15 was that certain Siri commands were no longer working. According to a separate MacRumors source, instructions that provide information about “phone calls, voicemails, and sending emails” were no longer functional following the upgrade. no longer appear to be functional. We also questioned Siri about sending an email, and she said she couldn’t help because Mail hasn’t implemented Siri functionality.

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