Instagram Adds New Option to Embed User Profiles on Third-Party WebsItes

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Instagram is adding a new tool that allows you to embed a miniature version of your Instagram profile on third-party websites, providing you even another way to promote your Instagram presence outside of the app.

It’s difficult to say how useful that will be. For many brands, it’s preferable to keep visitors on your website rather than redirecting them to Instagram, while referring them to your IG presence may be another approach to create continuous relationship. You’d think that most embeds in the context of a blog article would be relative to a specific reference image or video, rather than a whole profile, but there could be use cases and chances for the tool – and having more direct connection capabilities in this regard is always advantageous.

One example could be introducing customers to influencers with whom your company has worked with include your products in their Instagram postings. Perhaps by connecting to an IG account, you can offer a visual showcase to your website photographs while simultaneously improving community connection – and hence reach – via the app.

It might be utilised in a variety of ways, but it appears to be less valuable than post embeds.

Still, it’s something to think about. At the moment, Instagram profile embeds are only available to users in the United States.

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