Microsoft Edge adds numerous new features with recent release

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This week, Microsoft began rolling out a new upgrade to its Edge browser.Microsoft Edge 96 is the latest version of the browser, and Google has also released the Chrome 96 edition of their web browser this week. As Microsoft continues to force people to use its Edge web browser on Windows 11 by restricting programs like EdgeDeflector, it has also upgraded its browser with the newest version by introducing a few new features. The following are some of the new Edge features:

Android device price comparison and history

When you see a product online, the Edge browser may start tracking the price and tell you when it changes, allowing you to save money. You don’t have to continually checking the costs of the things you want to buy if you use this option. The capability was previously available to web users, and the business has now made it available for Android handsets.

Password Update Shortcut

Microsoft Edge

You may now simply replace your compromised stored passwords in Microsoft Edge. When you go to the password manager in the browser settings, you can tap the Go to button next to your saved password. The button will lead you to the correct page where you may change your password for that site. The tool is now only available for a few websites, but the business believes it will be expanded soon.

Mode of efficacy

Microsoft has also included a feature known as efficiency mode, which can be accessible via the browser’s settings. The feature is intended to help you extend the life of your laptop’s battery by lowering CPU and memory utilization for the browser. When the device’s battery is low, the browser automatically activates the feature.

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