Microsoft claims that Russian cyberattack targeted hundreds of US networks.

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According to Microsoft, the Russian-based agency responsible for last year’s massive SolarWinds cyberattack has targeted hundreds more companies and organisations in its latest wave of attacks on US-based computer systems.

In an October 24 blog post, Microsoft stated that Nobelium’s latest wave targeted “resellers and other technology service providers” of cloud services. Microsoft stated that the attacks were part of a larger summer campaign and that 609 customers had been attacked between July 1 and October 19.

Microsoft told the New York Times, which broke the storey, that only a small percentage of the most recent attempts were successful, but it didn’t go into further detail.

The report could not be confirmed immediately by US cybersecurity officials.

The operation was confirmed by US officials to the Times, with one unnamed senior administration official calling it “unsophisticated, run-of-the-mill operations that could have been prevented if the cloud service providers had implemented baseline cybersecurity practises.”

“This recent activity is yet another sign that Russia is attempting to gain long-term, systematic access to a variety of points in the technology supply chain and establish a mechanism for surveilling targets of interest to the Russian government – now or in the future,” Microsoft wrote.

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