Skype is getting a new upgrade that will provide users with a “improved, quicker, more reliable, and incredibly modern-looking Skype” experience. Microsoft disclosed this in a blog post, confirming that the update will modernise “the most critical part” of Skype.

During a call, users will now see a call stage, which will show everyone on the main view. The company has changed the way video feeds are displayed into a grid such that no one is ever left alone on the upper tray.

regardless of whether they have video enabled or not This places all participants side by side in the main interface, including your own video. With this update, even if participants do not share their video, the app will still display their video feeds during the calling stage.

Previously, when someone shared their screen or activated Together Mode, the video previews on the top bar were too small to be useful. Larger video streams can now be found in the top bar. The next update will also include audio-only participants, who will have their own backgrounds on the call stage.

According to the firm, you will be able to disable the video stream and hide audio-only participants from the calling stage. In addition, the video call app will receive enhanced chat headers with a new layout. There will also be new button gradients and group avatars.

With Universal Translator, you may also communicate with anyone in any language over the phone or video call.

Microsoft also claims to have “improved the camera with the Office Lens function, letting you to capture your memories, produce films, or scan documents, whiteboards, and business cards in the best way possible.”

Microsoft has also created a new Meet Now tool, which allows you to create and join Skype calls without logging in, creating an account, or having the Skype programme installed. You will be able to join a call as a guest and connect online with just one link.

“When you don’t want to bother with irritating restrictions like installing an app, remembering a password, signing up for a new account, or keeping your call under 45 minutes, all you need to do is have a fast call on Meet Now,” according to the firm.

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