Twitter has bought Sphere, a conversation app co-founded by British serial entrepreneur Nick D’Aloisio, in an effort to enhance its Communities.

Sphere, which was founded in 2016, began as a real-time question and answer app with micropayments before pivoting to become more of a group chat platform, according to CNBC.

Image Credits Sphere
Image Credits: Sphere

Between 2017 and 2019, it raised approximately $30 million in funding from investors such as Index Ventures, Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky, Tinder co-founder Sean Rad, and Sequoia venture capitalist Mike Moritz.

“It’s incredibly critical and necessary to work with the appropriate firms at the right moment that have similar objectives and concepts in order to accomplish effect,” D’Aloisio told CNBC.

According to D’Aloisio, approximately 500,000 users used the original version of the programme, but he declined to comment on the most recent user counts.

The specifics of the agreement, which was revealed on Wednesday and would see about 20 Sphere staff join Twitter, have not been disclosed. D’Aloisio, on the other hand, declared that “everyone is happy.”

As a result of the acquisition, Sphere stated in a blog post that it will “wind down” its standalone product in November.

“Obviously, Sphere was our own thing, and that’s no longer relevant to what Twitter is trying to accomplish,” D’Aloisio explained.

The entrepreneur went on to say that he and his team will collaborate with Twitter personnel to try to “integrate” the “vision” they had at Sphere into “different sections” of Twitter.

Twitter’s vice president of engineering, Nick Caldwell, announced the acquisition of Sphere via the company’s social network.

“The Sphere team’s skills and leadership’s passion for connecting people will help expedite our Communities, DM, and Creators roadmaps,” he stated.

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