How to search google with an image.

Google is one of the best search engines and it will be the our day to day busy life when we wanted to get some information’s we generally go to and put the keyword and search for information.

as we search for the information’s we will get all the information as per the latest results. but what if we would like to search with images or photos.

Do we know that Google has an option where we can search with an image?

Do we know that we can get to know some relevant information’s about that particular image?

Yes, its all because of google its because of the beauty of google that will help us in doing an image search.

So how we do that and does that require any technical skills?

Answers to all the questions are no we don’t need to have technical knowledge what we need is just to perform a few steps and we will get the result out of it. So today we will be guiding you on how to do a google search with an image or photos?

Please follow the steps as described below:

To do google search by image follow these steps:

1 1

  • Next in this Step, all we need to do is we need to click on the camera icon.

2 1

  • Now as we click on camera icon a pop-up box will open up as shown in the image below.

search google with image

  • Click on upload an image.

Search google with image

  • Now click on choose file and select that particular image on which you want to do google search with an image.

Search google with image

  • Now as you have uploaded an image on which you would be doing google search with an image we will get a result as seen below. Here we can see that we will get the information about the image size as well as we can see the website information for that image.

search google with image

  • As we have done the google search with the image now if we scroll down we can see the same image with different image sizes and where that particular image has been now we have exact information about that image.

search google with image

So this is how we can search any image with the help of google. the best thing about google image search is here we can upload our own images and can find out on which sites images or photos are being used or who are misusing our images.

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  1. Never knew this, thank you for letting me know.

  2. Great information! Thanks

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I learn something new every day! I appreciate your screen shots, this will make it easy when I try to image search on google!

  4. Saving this post as I’ve always wondered how to do this! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome.

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