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Windows Photo App:Best app for storing mobile photos on Windows 10

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Now a day’s with powerful smartphone cameras, most of us have become professional photographers. We simply don’t want to miss a moment, and that is why we keep on capturing those precious moments.

It can be a selfie with your friend while you met him in the Café. It could be a group selfie, as it was one your colleague’s last day in office. It could be anything. A moment is a moment, and at any cost, we want to preserve that moment.

However, at the end of the day what you have got is a lot of digital photos on your phone. You might be thinking what will be the best solution to arrange them and store them at a proper place?

How can you escape from transferring the photos manually to the storage device?

It could be a pain to arrange the photos and transfer them to another device for storage. But, not anymore with the Photos App on Windows 10.

Organizing your favorite photos from your phone could be extremely easy. You can transfer the photos, store the photos, share the photos and you can edit the photos with the cool editing features.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is to find the Photo App. So just go to the search box located on the taskbar and type Photo. Select the Photo App from the list, and there you are.

You will find Photo App right in front of you. If you have never used this App before, then this screen will look like this.

image 100286884 14001336
windows photo app

You will get a blank screen like this since you are using this for the first time and there are no photos imported to the App.

However, if you want to check whether this app works or not, you can take a screenshot by pressing Windows key and the print screen together.

To your surprise, you will find that the screenshot has been saved directly to the Photos App.

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If you want some of your photos to appear directly on the Photos App, then you can copy these photos to the “Pictures” folder in the file explorer, and by default, these photos will be displayed in the Photos App.

Now, coming back to your problem, how do you organize and store the photos which are on your phone? The solution is simple, just click on the “Import” tab located on the top right corner.

click on import tab

Before you click on import, you need to make sure that your phone is connected and detected by your PC.

Once you click on import, you can select the folder on the phone which needs to be imported, and then just sit back and relax

Within a few minutes, you will find that all your favorite photos have been transferred to the Photo App, and they are being displayed under the “Collections” tab.

collections tab

So, if you are looking for some photo clicked on early 2018, you can simply drag the slider down to 2018. It is simple and easy.

image 100286884 14001180

If you want to share a particular photo, all you need to do is double click the photo and then click on the share option located on the top right hand.

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You can share to different social media apps, provided that those apps have been already installed from Microsoft Store. If you want to send it to the nearest device that can be easily done through Wi-Fi.

We can also share on email and Skype as well. So, there are multiple options through which you can share.

If you want to refresh your moments, you can run a slideshow of the photos. For this, you need to click on the three dots located on the right-hand side and click on the slideshow.

slideshow options

Apart from this, you can also print these photos directly from the Windows 10 Photo App. Different features of the photos can be edited from the “Edit and Create” option.

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Microsoft Photo App also allows you to create and edit video as well. You can create your own video from the “video projects” option at the top.

video project app

Microsoft Photo App is a powerful application with a simple interface. You can do a lot with this application, and the best part is it comes pre-installed with your Windows 10. So, no need to spend money to get a premium software.


Windows photo is not just an app,its an all in one solution.so if you have lots of photos and you want to keep them organized use windows photo app.It will help you to store and share and mange your photo collections with no difficulty.

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