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25 Must-Have Best FREE Plugins on WordPress.

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WordPress is an open-source and free content management system that is based on hypertext preprocessor (PHP) and relational database management system based on SQL i.e. my SQL and it comes with best free Plugins.

best free Plugins

According to the reports, WordPress is the most used and popular blogging system on the web and supports over 60 million websites.

WordPress can be used as a blogging and also a platform for business websites development. in short, if you want to write a blog or create your website go for WordPress.

WordPress can be used for:

  • Writing blogs
  • Creating your business website
  • Creating your small online shop
  • You can build your social platform profile using
best free Plugins

WordPress helps you in many ways. You would have a question for what makes WordPress so popular?

Well here are some features of WordPress that make it stand out.

1.Open and Free Source

The first reason people love WordPress is that it is free to use for all users. It has a feature to be modified and altered as per user’s needs.

2.Simple installation

Unlike others system, WordPress does not require any complex installation it comes with a guide to how to start using WordPress.

The minimum requirement is DB, DB user and password. You need to set it up according to your need and it’s done. Isn’t this simple?

3.Customized user interface

Once you have successfully installed you login into the main admin panel where you can easily manage your website. There are different color combinations to view your work to make it easier to use.

4.Frequent updates

WordPress keep updating on regular intervals. WordPress will automatically update minor updates which won’t make changes and loss of data while some of the updates need to be done manually.

These updates help in the smooth functioning of WordPress.

5.Vast plug-in repository

WordPress has a great feature to use and that are the plug-ins. These plug-ins help the users to develop their writings or websites easily.

It eases the work. There are around 50,000 best free Plugins available on wordpress plugin market.

WordPress was initially started for writing blogs but now it is evolving as a website creation application. This is only possible because of the plug-ins available. 

best free Plugins

 What exactly is a plug-in?

In WordPress, there is are small software application which helps in running of WordPress. These help in writing blogs as well as creating websites.

There are different wordpress plugins for different work. for example, if you want to start an online store you can create it using WooCommerce Plug-in.

If you want to create a job board, you can create it using the Job Manager Plug-in. 

There is saying, “There are lug-ins for everything”. If any plug-in is not available on WordPress by default, you can surely find it on any other website.

There are certain plug-ins available for free whereas some are paid. The main use of plug-ins is to boosts performance, it can add contact forms, it has social media buttons, it creates galleries and improves the SEO.

There are some most popular wordpress plugins that have extended plug-ins with them for better performance.

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Every plug-in used and installed by you is registered under your WordPress database. You can add or remove any plug-in as per your wish. 

The free Plug-ins give no promise of support. Some of the best free Plugins do give support through online assistance. 

In this article we will be highlighting best wordpress plugins for the first time users and the best part is you can use these wordpress plugins free of cost.

Here is the list of plugins for the WordPress website.

1.Brizzy Page Builder

best free Plugins

The Brizzy page Builder is a strong WordPress blogger plugin. It makes it very easy for users to create a website.

A user can create his or her website without even touching any line of coding. As a free plan, it offers a lot of features.

2.Elementor Page Builder

best free Plugins

The Elementor Page Builder is another top wordpress plugin used for page building. You can simply create your own website using this plug-in.

It requires no complicated coding at all. You can be the developer of your own website.

3.UpdraftPlus Plug-in

best free Plugins

The UpdraftPlus Plug-in is used to back up your website. It is one of the best plugins for wordpress. Backing up your website for safety reasons is very important.

At times you lose some important information, you can simply recover it if it is backed up.

UpdraftPlus renders it service by letting you backup your website on daily, weekly or monthly backup. You can choose it according to your wish.

4.WordFence plug-in

best free Plugins

The WordFence plug-in a MUST have plug-in when you are creating a website. This Plug-in helps to keep your website away from hackers.

The WordFence Plug-in helps to keep the website safe by adding a firewall to your website.

It also has other features such as two-factor authorization, blocking certain IP addresses and many more features which prove to be in the developers good.

5.ShortPixel Plug-in

best free Plugins

The ShortPixel plug-in is one of the best plugin for wp website. It helps in optimizing the images included on your website. you need not launch it every time. Once launched, it compresses the present images as well as the future images. 

6.WP Smush Plug-in

best free Plugins

The WP Smush Plug-in is used to reduce the size of the existing images of your wordpress blog. The attractive feature of this free plug-in is that it can process up to 50 images at a time.

7.WP Forms Plug-in

best free Plugins

The WP Form Plug-in is a popular and most used contact form builder. The basic version of this plug-in is for free but if you wish to add some advanced features you can go for the paid premium.

This plug-in makes it very simple to create contact forms. You can add features such as the ability to include email lists or accept online payments. 

8.Kadence Blocks plug-in

best free Plugins

If you want to increase the capabilities of your file, this plug-in can be used. You can create customized layouts that would make your content more engaging. 

9.One Signal Plug-in

best free Plugins

The One-Signal Plug-in is used to send the notifications whenever you post a new write up on your site. The people who opt for these will receive a notification. This makes sure that your audience is updated by your work.

For a first time user this plugin is a must have plugins for wordpress.

10.WP Mail SMTP plug-in

best free Plugins

Sometimes the messages you send from WordPress may get into the spam or never be delivered to the recipient. Don’t worry, this plug-in helps to improve the deliverability of emails. You can install the plugin for sending emails its and that’s make this a must have wordpress plugins.

11.Akismet plug-in

best free Plugins

One of the free WordPress plugins for every wordpress user is the Akismet plug-in.It helps in automatically eliminating all the spam from your website. You can set it up as a mark to spam and review later or delete it immediately. 

12.Tideo Chat Plug-in

best free Plugins

The Tideo Chat Plug-in can be used to add a live chat option to your website. Your visitors can talk to you easily via live chat and you can help them instantly. 

13.The Next End Social Login plug-in

best free Plugins

This plug-in makes it easier for your users to log in to your website by their social accounts. The worry about having a WordPress account is excluded by this plug-in.

14.WooCommerce Plug-in


If your website is for selling some product, the WooCommerce Plug-in is the best plug-in to use. It has all the features which make your work stand out.

15.WP File Manager plug-in


Using the WP File Manager you can download, edit, delete or upload your files on your website without the need of login into the cPanel. 

16.TablePress Plug-in


If you want to display your data in your website in any table form this plug-in works best. This plug-in gives a simple excel kind of look into your WordPress file.

You can add information in the table by simply copying data from Google Sheets or Excel or use any kind of information and continue using it by adding more and more add-ons.

17.Envira Gallery Plug-in


You end up adding tons of images on your website. You need a gallery for sorting it out.

WordPress provides a very basic gallery. Using this plug-in you can have an engaging and great gallery.

18. Broken Link Checker plug-in


Broken Link Checker plug-in comes under the top wordpress plugins.There may be times when your internal and external may not work well. This plug-in simply scans all the links on your website and you can update your broken links easily.

19. AddtoAny Share Buttons


This Plug-in is used to share your website on any social platforms. There are thousands of plug-ins providing this service but this plug-in comes free and there are no chances it can go wrong.

20.MailChimp plug-in


This plug-in is used to build a mail list. It makes it easier to have all the people in one place.

21.Duplicator plug-in


At some time you would decide to take your website off WordPress and upload it somewhere else. This Plug-in will save your website in two files. You can simply save these and upload it to a new place as your wish.

22. Auotptimize plug-in


This plug-in helps you to speed up your site. It optimizes your sites HTML, JAVA Script, CSS. It combines various files into one and deletes unnecessary things off your site 

23.Enable Media Replace plug-in


This plug-in helps you replace any file from your website to other files. You don’t have to go through the full process and delete the existing file and upload the new one. It makes your work very simple.

24.Redirection Plug-in


At a point, you will wish to change the URL of your blog or website. But then you will have to redirect all your old post to new.

The Redirection Plug-in helps you easily manage all the posts without letting you go through the boring process. 

25.Smart Slider 3 Plug-in


This Plug-in gives you the best templates and slides on to create your website. It makes your website lively. Even in the free version, you get almost all the benefits.

You can use all these free plug-ins and make your website a masterpiece!

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