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The Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is pre-installed on Windows 10, but we can also install third-party fastest browser for windows 10 that includes browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser, etc.

In this era of the modern world, everything is connected to the internet and to access the information available on the internet we need web browsers, either on your phone or desktop. Plenty of fastest browser for windows 10 are available in the market i.e. Chrome, Opera, Edge, and many more. In this article, we are going to know about the top 7 fastest browser for windows 10.

What is a Web Browser?

A web browser is a software application that can be used to access the world wide web(www) or the Internet. It acts as an interface between us and the information available on the web.

As our dependency has increased very much on the internet, there are several types of web browsers all of them having the same functions but different features. 

The web browser is a door towards the www (World Wide Web). There are many aspects to keep in mind when looking for a fastest browser for windows 10 i.e. Privacy, Security, and Speed. Despite various web browsers here is our pick of the top 7 fastest browser for windows 10/11

List of Top 7 fastest browser for windows 10/11

Microsoft Edge

fastest browser for windows 10

Microsoft Edge was launched in 2015 and is now available for various devices. Edge works on various OS(Operating Systems) i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.

The UI of Edge is simple and basic controls required for day-to-day operations. The performance on the edge browser is quite great wrt that of chrome.

Features Of Microsoft Edge

Simple Privacy Controls

Microsoft has done a great job by taking proactive measures in terms of security and privacy. It has simplified the privacy control into 3 tiers that are- Basic, Balanced, and Strict. And the details of each tier are well explained.

Reading Support

Edge provides with you a great reading environment without the hindrance of ads, hyperlinks. This smart reader is known as the Immersive Reader.

Chrome Extension

Microsoft Edge is built on the same chromium code that of Google Chrome. We can install any chrome extensions on edge too.

Web Capture

Edge has now integrated web capture that can be accessed via clicking the three dots. It’s a unique feature that lets you capture the web page.

Personal Assistant

Edge has its own assistant “Cortana”. If you feel ever stuck ask Cortana, make a right-click and ask any about the internet from her.

Google Chrome

google chrome

Google launched its own browser with the name “Google Chrome” in 2009. Chrome supports various OS  i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Google Chrome is a lightweight and one of the most fastest browser for windows 10 and it does not come with pre-add-ons and extensions. However, we can install any plugins or extensions with the huge library supported by chrome.

Features of Google Chrome

Simple Design

Chrome has a cleaner UI with simple and minimalistic designs. Users are also able to customize the Tabs.


Chrome now comes with a profile feature that helps the various user to save their browsing history to their own Google account.

Task Manager

If you are a Windows user you might be familiar with the Windows Task Manager. Chrome has now a task manager via which you can access the tabs consuming more memory and you can also kill unresponsive pages.

Mozilla Firefox

firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox is an open-sourced web browser launched in the year 2002. Mozilla Firefox supports various platforms.  i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.You can easily vsit playstore and download the mobile browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox 

Synchronized Accounts – Firefox comes with a feature of synchronization via which you can have a look at your bookmark tabs and passwords wherever you go.

Easy Customization

Firefox can be easily customizable with the help of various extensions, add-ons, and themes.

Memory Management

The memory management tool of firefox is quite better than chrome and helps you save a lot of memory.

Safari is fast and has all the basic features that are required for a web browser. It runs quickly but has no customizable option.


safari Apple browser

Safari is the web browser that comes pre-installed with Apple devices and was launched in 2002. Safari supports various platforms.  i.e. Windows, iOS, macOS.

Features of Safari

It provides a sync feature to only apple devices.

Opera Browser

opera web browser

Opera is a very old browser released in 1995. It was also available on java mobiles. It supports various OS i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.


Sync Feature

Like chrome and other browsers it also provides a sync feature with the help of which we can easily see our saved book and tabs on the go.


It has various built-in features like a built-in VPN, crypto wallet for the sake of holding cryptocurrencies and browsing messages.


As opera is also a chromium-based browser it has quite an extensive range of extensions that are available for chrome users and we can easily install them.

Vivaldi Browser 

vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser was developed in 2016, developed by Vivaldi technologies is a very customizable browser. It supports various OS i.e. Windows, Android(Beta), iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Features of Vivaldi Browser 


As chromium is the backbone of the Vivaldi browser it has quite an extensive range of extensions that are available for chrome users and we can easily install them.


It is very much customizable you can customize the name of pages for the color of fonts and you can even give the nickname to search engines.

Brave Browser 

brave browser

Brave is a privacy-focused browser released in 2019. It’s an open-source web browser and also has paid to surf model. It supports various OS i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

It has its cryptocurrency BAT Tokens.

Features of Brave Browser

Built-in add blocker and VPN

It has a built-in ad as well as website tracer block and also a built-in VPN to mask up to your IP address.


It has a crypto wallet that can be used to store cryptocurrencies. And it has its own cryptocurrency BAT that you can via using the browser.

Which browser is the fastest browser for windows 10?

These are the top 7 fastest browser for windows 10 that you can have a look at and choose from as per your desired needs. Some of these are fast and some have unique features that make them differ with each other in a lot of aspects. 

Now, the question arises which one to choose and which one is the fastest browser for windows 10. As with the recent updates, Microsoft Edge has beaten Google Chrome in terms of speed and security features as these two are a basic need before deciding which browser you go for.

Edge has better load management than chrome and with a lot of tabs open it consumes less memory in comparison to Chrome. Also, Edge provides better data privacy in comparison to chrome as chrome asks for the diagnostic reports to be sent.

1stMicrosoft EdgeSafari/Chrome
2ndChromeMicrosoft Edge

So, it is safe to say that as of now Microsoft Edge is the fastest browser for windows 10. This brings us to the end of this article with the fact that although Chrome might be the most popular browser, Edge is better than Chrome in terms of speed and security. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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