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Top 5 List of UC Browser Alternative-2020

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Due to the ongoing standoff and conflict between the Chinese PLA ( People Liberation Army) and Line of Actual Control, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps. This ban includes some of the most widely used apps in India. So in this article, we will be discussing the List of UC Browser Alternative.

Some of the apps that are banned are:- TikTok, WeChat, ShareIt, CamScanner, UCBrowser, Clubfactory, and many more. The Indian Government has swept off Chinese technology companies. This decision made by the Indian Government was welcomed and accepted by the citizens of the country.

This decision is made because the Chinese army intruded the Indian territory and attacked our army forces. The citizens of the country will surely face some problem in this initial stage of the ban. But there are alternatives made for every app which has been banned by the government.

Using Chinese app

You would wonder why did the government take these apps down as their first step to boycott China? This is because the Chinese apps are engaged in the activities which are prejudicial to the integrity and sovereignty of the country, security of the state and public order.

The government of the country are concerned about the points where safeguarding the privacy and data security are in danger because of using these apps. Banning Chinese apps will surely safeguard the interest of all the Indian internet and mobile users. 

List of UC Browser Alternative

One of all the 59 banned apps is UC Browser. UC Browser is a Chinese web search engine which is one of the most popular mobile browsers in India, China and Indonesia.

UC Browser was ranked on 8th position in the category of the most downloaded app in the period of 2010 – 2019. This app was widely used by Indians before the ban.

But there is no worry, you have got List of UC Browser Alternative.

Below are the List of UC Browser Alternative which works the same way UC Browser did.

1.Google Chrome

Almost every person has this app their smartphones. It is one of the most popular web browsers which is found on Android Mobile Systems. You can also use Google Chrome on your iOS devices.

Due to the reason that both the operating system and Google Chrome are developed by Google the level of integration is very high on Android devices.

You can also sync your bookmarks, settings, password and all your personalized information with the help of your Gmail account if you use Google Chrome as your default browser on your desktop. You get all you need in Google Chrome, so why use UC Browser!

List of UC Browser Alternative


You would have surely heard of the Opera browsing system. The Opera web browser is widely used across the globe. The best part about the Opera is that it brings in all the desktop features in its mobile app. You can get an advantage of having a built-in VPN, a personalized newsfeed, native ad-blocker, dark mode and many more.

Learn how to uninstall Chinese apps check out here…

You can create your own newsfeed and this feature is similar to that of UC Browser. The Opera takes less space than any other web browsers on your mobile system. The Opera possesses all the features you need in a Web Browser.

List of UC Browser Alternative

3.Microsoft Edge

You get Microsoft Edge in all your Windows PC by default. You can download it for free from Google PlayStore if you want to use it on your mobile system.

Microsoft Edge has its own browser search engine named as Chromium for mobile users. And for the people who use desktop PC’s, there’s Edge desktop browser. Microsoft Edge possesses all the features one is looking for in a web browser.

You can also block the third-party trackers, sync more than one device to transfer data and many more. Giving it a try is no harm. 

List of UC Browser Alternative

4. Firefox

Firefox is a web browser which is found on our PC’s and mobile. Firefox has a wide library of plugins which Firefox a very user-friendly browser.

Firefox comes with features which enable the user to install add-ons like like cookies remover, ad-blocker and many more. The mobile version of Firefox is full of features like multi-device sync, plugins, sending tabs between desktop and mobile and more.

The interface of Firefox is clean and doesn’t interrupt your browsing. Firefox can be considered a perfect alternative for UC Browser.

Firefox browser

5.Bharat Browser

The above-listed web browser is owned and developed mostly by Google or Microsoft. These web browsers are used widely by most of people.

These web browsers are developed by non-Indian companies. In case you want an Indian Browser you can opt for Bharat Browser. This web browser is developed by an Indian technology Company called BlueSky Inventions based in Bengaluru.

This web browser gives you everything you need just the way UC Browser. You can say, Bharat browser is the replica of UC Browser.

It comes with features like news update, a different section for gaming, videos and a real-time news update too. So if you want to use an Indian app to replace UC Browser you can opt for this. 

List of UC Browser Alternative

These are the 5 best alternatives you can use to replace the UC Browser. All of these web browsers offer privacy. Your activity is safe while using any of these web browsers. So get started, use a safe web browser and support the country!

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