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Five Innovative Technological Powerful Tools for 2021

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Nowadays, the sharing of knowledge and ideas is greatly encouraged. It is this same sharing that allows us to evolve and be an innovative company. To do this, the team meets every week to discuss topics or tools capable of helping us increase our efficiency and performance.Therefore, we will list five online powerful tool options that will greatly facilitate your work and help you increase efficiency.


RecordCast is an online screen recording tool to which you can add audio comments or explanations. Here are some features that make RecordCast a must-have tech tool.

It is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. You don’t have to be an IT expert to figure out how to record your screen.

With RecordCast, it’s a snap to share knowledge with colleagues or clients using tutorials or long demonstrations. At last, all you have to do is download the recorded video in 1080p and send it to whoever you want.

RecordCast’s capture time is extremely fast, as it only takes a few clicks to start recording if you have previously installed the Chrome browser. Besides, this tool uses Html5 technology, which means that it only stores data locally within the user’s browser.

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Whiteboard is an online digital whiteboard that lets you collaborate in real-time with a large number of colleagues from anywhere. Here are the multiple advantages of this digital board.

Physical whiteboards obviously don’t have an infinite surface area. Hence the interest of a digital painting abolishes the limits of space. With Whiteboard, you can express all the fruit of your brainstorming, even the most complex.

While many digital whiteboards lack user-friendliness when it comes to drawing shapes and designs using a mouse or trackpad, Whiteboard solves this problem with its shape detection feature, which automatically transforms sketches in perfect circles or rectangles.

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Whiteboards are often at the heart of the design process. We should be able to share and save them in order to keep tangible proof of our research. Well, with Whiteboard, it is possible! Once the work session is over, you can simply save your table in JPG format. In addition, you can always keep the hyperlink of your table: it will never expire.

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PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools can not only convert documents to PDF format but also group, rotate or extract pages and reduce the weight of PDF files. It is a powerful tool that can prove very useful in several situations.

The advantage of PDF24 Tools lies in the number of functions it provides: nearly thirty! It’s a bit like the Swiss Army knife of the online tool!

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Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a session manager that can be installed directly in your Chrome internet browser. It allows you to save web tabs opened in your browser as collections and therefore easily restore them by clicking on the desired collection.

For example, you could list your favorite inspiration search sites there and then bring them up to your screen with just one click.

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Smash is a file transfer service launched to compete with other similar tools, such as WeTransfer. However, it is the first to offer free file sending without weight restrictions.

Additionally, Smash allows its users to change the length of time they want their download link to stay online. Besides, the maximum period allowed is 14 days, which is long enough to give customers the opportunity to download files.


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