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FlexClip online video editor app for Creating Social Media and Marketing Videos

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Promotion through Video marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience and customers. Video can have a profound effect on consumer behavior, which has led to increased traffic, engagement, and sales. For good videos, you should have the best online video editor app .

There are many ways to market products to users. One of the most effective way is to use a video for advertising campaigns, product promotions, or a personal brand.

Many brand promotion videos highlight the benefits that products bring, so creating videos to promote products is very important if you want to do business. Try to imagine why the video platform is growing today.

Making a video in a particular field such as Finance, Business, Education, Tourism and Product or Service requires you to have additional vision and knowledge in that field. So, it’s not easy for you to create a professional video, right?

If you are confused about the best online video editor, then in this article,you will see how it allows you to work on your videos online directly in your Internet browser. Therefore, many will find FlexClip easier than going through all the powerful installation processes of the editing app like Camtasia, Movavi Video Suite, etc.

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About Flexclip

FlexClip is an easy-to-use and free online software that simplifies the video making process where users can make quality videos in just minutes. It is simple yet powerful video editor that helps you to  create marketing videos and family stories in just couple of clicks .

It provides you with rich animated content, helping you to make your video more engaging with a variety of text, overlay, widgets, logos, and other animated content. This tool is very cool and comes with several professional templates and is easy to set up to make a beautiful video clip on photos and images. It is also  possible to add your own audio file or voiceover to create the video.

Supportted Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux

Key Features of Flexclip

  • Free to use – FlexClip is completely free. No additional credit card details is required to sign up.
  • Simple and Powerfull interface – Provides an easy-to-use and clean storyboard for everyone to know how to import videos, photos, music, and voiceover into the storyboard. Even a first time user can easily know what to do next without any guidance.
  • Organised media libraries – This online tool offers a large number of stock photos, videos, and music, divided into different categories. You can use all the pre-set resources for free.
  • Support multiple image and video formats – FlexCLip lets you add video formats such as MOV, WEBM, M4V and MP4. In the meantime, you can add image formats such as BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG, WEBP, JPG and SVG.Flexclip also supports various audio formats such as: AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WAV.
  • Flexible editing features – When it comes to the editing tool, it will never stop. You can cut and split your video freely and merge them together. Alternatively, you can add text (images) and set the length of your video. It is also flexible to cut and customize your music with watermark, etc.
  • Export videos and Share on Youtube– Although free, you can export your video and share your videos directly on Youtube.

Plans & Pricing

You can easily sign up for a FREE account  to check out more features!

FlexClip offers a free version,with which you can create high-quality one-minute video with 480p quality.Besides, FlexClip has two premium packages.Depending on the plan, the extra features get added to the platform.

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Screenshot 2021 03 25 Pricing FlexClip

In the case of a basic program which starts with $8.99/month ($4.99/month for an annual subscription) Includes higher resolution,50 projects, one stock video, a one-minute video length cap, custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro,you can create video up to 3 minutes in length and 720p quality.

image 100286884 14001180

Plus plan starts with $15.99/month ($7.99/month)  , you can create videos in 1080p up to 5 minutes in length, and the library is unlimited.

Business plan starts with – $29.99/month ($19.99/month)- Includes everything in Plus, 1000 projects, unlimited stock videos, and a 30-minute video length cap.

Yes, if you can compare the price of this software with other video editing tools, you will understand that it is quite expensive.

How to use FlexClip?

online video editor app

To use FlexClip to your full potential, you may need to sign up for a free account using this link – FlexClip Registration, Click the Sign-Up – Free button. At this point, the interface will appear as shown below. Please fill in your email and password – Click to subscribe.

image 100286884 14001348
online video editor app

After that, the system will email you a link to open your account, you just need to log in to the email address and click on the link to open it. After successfully opening your account, sign in to your FlexClip account.

Please checkout their full guide to start editing videos online.

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online video editor app
Youtube Channel:FlexClip

Why Do You need FlexClip?

The benefits you can get from this tool can be huge if you know how to use it properly. The interface is easy enough for you to get started, and for beginners and intermediate video editors will get more than enough features provided. Do you have any quick video stories to make or videos to edit? Looking for a ready-made video ad campaign, corporate presentation video, or a simple birthday greeting video? If so, then Flexclip would be the best video editor to choose from.

Awards & Quality Certificates

Customers Review

online video editor app
Screenshot 2021 03 26 Free Online Video Maker Create Your Video in Minutes FlexClip3

Flexclip 2.0 Update

In December, 2020, FlexClip announced a number of updates to its product, FlexClip 2.0. Updates appear below:

Unlimited .COM Domains for just $9.99* each!

Final Verdict

FlexClip is free. Why not give it a try?. It is a online video editor app and all you need to do is to just sign up , suitable for anyone and even those who specialize in video editing, yet cannot produce quality content.

This video maker and online editor allows everyone to edit or create any video in a very simple way. With the help of this tool ,you can make your own professional videos in a few minutes for sure. You need to understand that as a video maker; it contains all the features that can help you make and create videos.

Are you a video blogger who shoots video every day or are you just a normal family member trying to capture every special moment of life? Flexclip is useful for presenting and storing your precious memories in the best possible way. To complete my review of FlexClip, I feel like it is the perfect video maker


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