Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020

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In the last few years, our laptop has become one of the best platforms for communication tools. With inbuilt HD webcam and HD audio, communicating on a Windows 10 laptop has been an elevated experience. Although This experience can be even better if you use the right communication tools. Selecting the right software could be a challenge, as the software market is crowded with many communication software.

Often, we go with the trend and choose a popular one without even looking into the features. Some of those applications are meant for business communication tools , while some for personal communication.

There will be applications which might support both. Hence, you can see it could be confusing when you are going to choose a communication application or software for yourself.

To make things easier, in this article, I will review some of the popular communication software that rules the market today.

Here is the list of Top 10 best communication tool.

Best Communication Tools

  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Trello
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Hangout
  • Imo
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Discord



Undoubtedly, this is the most popular communication application, which is preferred by the majority of the users. One can chat with Skype, use it for voice as well as video calls. It is one of the oldest communication applications.

Probably it started when we had none. Today, there are many communication tools , but there was a time when Skype was the only communication application in the market. Skype is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

The video clarity which it provides on the call remains unmatched, even on an average network. With the latest version of Skype, you can also share files while you are chatting or on calls. You can directly start a communication, even without adding the contact to your contact list.

In case the person whom you are calling doesn’t have internet, then you can also do a Skype call provided that you have internet. One can buy some Skype credits, and call any number in the world, just like you call from your mobile phone, even the receiver of the call doesn’t have an internet connection. You can also call landline number directly from the Skype app.

Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020



Probably, one of the newest communication platforms in the market, but the best part is, all is free. You can start a voice call or a video call, right from the Facebook page, by opening the messenger. No need to download a separate plugin or app for that.

However, if you are calling from your mobile, then you have to download the messenger app separately. Apart from calling, you can use the messenger for a text-based chat.

We can that this is one of the most basic communication tools , with absolutely minimum requirements. You can also send files using this application; however, it needs the internet to function.

Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020



Tello is a communication application with a difference. It is more like task management or project management application, which can be used for organising the tasks and manage them accordingly.

So, if you are looking to execute a task which needs collaboration, then Trello is the best option for you. You can communicate easily amongst your team members, and get the tasks executed at ease.

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You can also send email notifications to the members with whom you are collaborating. We can say that Trello is meant for simplified business communications.

You get a trial version of this application free of cost, but for the enterprise version, the subscription charges are around 20 US dollar per month. The communication features of Trello will work only with an active internet connection.

Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020

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If you are looking for a basic application that will use the internet for communication, then Viber app is perfectly meant for you. Make video calls, voice calls, text chats at ease.

You can also send photos and location details at ease. But you cannot send files using this app.

Apart from that, you can initiate group chats with ease and send instant voice messages. It can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.



Line is just like Viber but definitely with more features.  It has got a high-quality video maker, which can make your chats expressive. Unlike some other communication application, Line also provides news notifications as per the set preferences.



Google has made our life simpler. It has helped us in many forms. If we talk about the best email client, Gmail is top on the list. The best search engine we have is

when you try editing documents on the go what comes in our mind is google is the pioneer of all communications.

Now if I talk about best in communication by google its “Google Hangout”.It is one of the best communication software developed by Google. It allows users to make an audio call.

They can easily send messages, help them to do video calling. One of the best thing about google hangout is you can quickly sign up on google hangout through your personal Gmail account.

Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020


Platform: Windows, Android

IMO is one of the best video calling software on the internet. It’s free and easy to use.IMO has a simple user interface which can be easily accessed. You will enjoy chatting with your family and friends with its availability of cool stickers. It is a multiplatform application that can be installed in various devices.

Top 10 Best Communication Tools 2020

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Whatsapp is the largest user based app on the internet. It is the best app for communication. It makes our life a lot easier. The best thing about Whatsapp is, its free, it has a simple and minimalistic user interface.

You can install the application directly from the play store. It helps you to send text messages. You can do audio and video call with your loved ones.

The best thing is you can send an audio clip as a message. Whatsapp can directly accessible from your internet browse just by scanning the Qr code.

Most importantly, it has a WhatsApp business as well. You can install WhatsApp business from the play store. It helps you to grow your business at free of cost.

You can share useful information with your clients that helps you to get connected with your customers. Overall WhatsApp is a great platform to get connected on the go.




Slack is another communication software that helps to get connected and share useful information with ease. With slack, every conversation happens in open channels. It is the most useful software application to work together as a team.

Slack gives you the option to upload files, drop links. Slack has a very clean and stylish interface. It also has a Slack bot that can help you to set reminders.

It is a free Communication tools, but yes they do have a paid version. You can buy their paid version to enjoy some great features and extended benefits.



Finally, we have Discord on the list. When we talk about the best communication software how can we forget gamers? Yes the most extended and continuous conversion happens when gamers chat together and there comes Discord.

It might not be the most popular and formal App, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Its built-in featured chat support and built-in steamer mode make it more useful than any other App.

They give you the option to create only one username through which you can get access to multiple servers at a time. You have the option to disable the microphone when you don’t have the mood to be online.

Discord is a multiplatform application you can download it from macOS, Ios, Windows, Android and even on Linux.

Wrap Up.

Communication is the key to getting connected and to be happy in any kind of relationship. It can be your personal or professional space. It plays an essential role in our life.

The only thing is how we choose the best platform to communicate, and that’s why I have written this article so that you all can choose the best.

I hope this will help you in selecting a suitable communication software that will fulfill your needs and meet your expectations.

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