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DigiBoxx India’s very own online cloud storage service starting at Rs.30

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India witnessed the launch of its first indigenous digital asset management SaaS platform DigiBox. DigiBox is an intelligent Indian online cloud storage, management product for the business as well as individual users.Digiboxx is the first india’s most prominent storage app.

Digiboxx provides an easy and secure way of storing all files in a centralized location. SaaS’s offering is a product of Arnab Mitra, MD, LIQVD ASIA as well as Ashish Jalan and Vivek Suchanti, a tech startup founded and promoted by Concept Group. Digibox is the first tech startup to enter the digital asset management business.

Mr Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, launched DigiBoxx Commenting on the innovation, he said, “It is indigenous innovation”. I have always ensured that the Indian tech industry can be globally competitive in all aspects, and Digibox is one such example.

It ticks all rights boxes for the needs of Bharat Inc but also fills a gap for the MSME universe that is untapped. Now, most people in India can store, save and share in India without fear of security threats and data localization concerns.

Amitabh Kant hopes of seeing many more new innovations by Indian startups that combine with a vision of an Indian market and making dependence on foreign SaaS products a thing of the past. He quoted, “The government’s vision of ‘Cloud 2022’ aims to make India a global hub for cloud storage, management & computing.”

He has also signed up for an account, making him the first user of Digibox. Vivek Suchanti, Chairman, of DigiBoxx, shared, “We are honoured to have Digibox and Register (NITI Aayog) launched by Mr Amitabh Kant as our first user. We are committed to the government’s local initiative to engage with Make in India and Vocal so as to drive the vision of a self-respecting India.

He added that DigiBoxx is ready to provide data security and contribute to the development of the digital engagement landscape in India. “Our efforts will ensure that more than 5000 engineers and 10 million users reiterate our commitment to India.”

There are many features that make DigiBox the first-of-its-kind solution launched by Indian startups. For example, a file-sharing feature named ‘InstaShare’ allows users to share large-sized documents, high-resolution photos, videos, documents in a very short time by registering on the app. With the user-friendly feature, it will take just seconds to share any file.

online cloud storage

It has 2GB of storage space, and the shared file can be accessed for 45 days. DigiboxX CEO Arnab Mitra explored the data-sharing features of DigiBox, saying, “DigiBox helps in the seamless exchange of data with partners, social media pages while retaining the administrator rights to that document.

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Therefore, it can control and control access to the data in real-time. “Arnab explained that DigiBox is conceptualized and designed based on real feedback from the industry, and thus will facilitate work processes for individuals and companies in the COVID world of enhanced digital engagement.” “Considering efficiency metrics and promised pricing, DigiBoxx is a technological breakthrough for the country’s 600 million + Internet users.

Is DigiBoxx available on all platforms?

DigiBoxx online cloud storage is currently  available for both Android and iPhone and iPad users.Right now The new India-based cloud storage service is available on its website, but a desktop app is still working and is expected to go live soon.

Is is Secure/Safe to use?

DigiBoxx claims the service has connection encryption and all files stored on its platform are encrypted at the database level. The company confirmed that all data is being stored in the country. The service claims to offer support for SSL file encryption.

How to sign up in DigiBoxx?

online cloud storage

A free or paid DigiBoxx user will be required to create an account. Once you open the site, you will be asked to enter your name in your Digispace and then share the credentials, which include your email address, mobile number, residential address, state and other details.

How to buy subscriptions, and how much does it cost?


Digiboxx can be purchased free by individuals for 20GB of online cloud storage with a 2GB file size limit. There is also a payment plan that provides 5TB of storage with a 10GB file size limit. Its price is Rs. 30 a month and Rs. 360 per year. For businesses, Rs. 999 plan (per month) with 50TB of cloud storage, 10GB file size limit, and the ability to add 500 users. Its price is Rs. 11,988 in a year. In addition, there is another scheme for enterprises that can include more than 500 users and customize a file size limit.


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