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Free eBook download sites without registration

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Do you want to read your favourite book but unable to find a copy of it in the bookstore? Or are you out of cash to buy a new book? Well, it is all possible in today’s world. You don’t have to go to another place just to get a book. Now you can download it and read it at any time you desire. Ebooks…you must be aware of what an Ebook is, right? An Ebook is texts which are presented in digital form and you can access it on your computers or mobile phones or tabs or laptops too. But all the ebooks available arent for free. Here I am to list of Free eBook download sites without registration.

Library Genesis

The Library Genesis is a search engine which is used to access reading material such as ebooks, magazines, articles and many more. The Library Genesis has about over 3.5 million ebooks and around 65 million articles. It has a huge collection and you can’t possibly read all of them. All types of the genre are available on this free ebook site. You can find fiction as well as non-fiction books. As the Library Genesis is a search engine, an individual can’t search his or her desired book. The nearest one can do is use the dropdown menu given for the Authors and browse through them. It will be a hell ride to search for the book. But as it is free to you, you will have to make great efforts. 

free eBook download sites without registration


If you are looking for a legal way to find out free eBook download sites without registration, here it is! Overdrive provides you with a fastest and cleanest way to give you access to thousands of ebooks. It provides you with the recently released titles too. The Overdrive is free for you if you are a student or have a public library card. The Overdrive is connected with over 35,000 public libraries. These libraries are situated in 40 different countries in the world. You also have free access to audiobooks! The Overdrive has an amazing tool which lets you have access to the latest The NY Times Bestsellers so that you don’t miss out on any best reads.

free eBook download sites without registration
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Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has been one of the best free eBook download sites without registration. It works on charity endeavour which is sustained through fundraisers and volunteers. They work to as many ebooks they can to provide a good platform to the people to read books. Most of their collection has public domain titles but you will find great books if look around a bit. As of record, there are around 65,000 free ebooks available for you on the Gutenberg. You can easily download them in MOBI or EPUB format. You can read these books in HTML program if you wish so. The Gutenberg allows you to search the books by latest, by category, by most popular and by random. If you search for books by random you get to know many great books which are not discovered. 

free eBook download sites without registration

Centless Books

Centless Books is tye platform where you can gain access to all free Kindle books that are available on Kindle. The mission and aim of Centless Books are to make sure that you are on the priority list to avail all the free ebooks. There is a slight drawback here too. Some books available on Centless books are free for you only if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. So make sure of this if you are going for Centless books. 

free eBook download sites without registration


The Feedbooks is a huge collection of downloadable and free ebooks. You can literally find everything here, be it non-fiction, fiction, free or paid, copyrighted or even public domain. You can easily access over 1 million books here. There is an even split between free original ebooks and free public domain ebooks. There are books under public domain titles which have original titles but are fanfiction and collection of short stories. But again it is for free so you’ll have to deal with a bit of digging to find the good stuff. You can download the ebooks in PDF or EPUB or MOBI formats. There is a feature which stands out, you can consider reading a book as they give us information about the reading time and word counts. So you can plan your reading in a proper manner. 

Screenshot 2021 02 17 Feedbooks Free eBooks and Best Sellers


Manybooks is a small website which has been providing their services for over a decade. Its sole purpose is to collect as many books they can and provide a huge collection of ebooks to everyone. Previously, most of their collection came from Project Gutenberg but as they established their name it has made its own identity. Now Manybooks has thousands of its self-published books. These books are available at no cost for its users.

free eBook download sites without registration

PDFBooks World

Are you still not used to the EPUB or MOBI format, and want to stick to the PDF format. Well, the PDFBooks World is the best place to find books in PDF format. We prefer PDF as it gives universal support across devices and platforms. The PDFBooks World doesn’t have a very huge collection but it consists of the best of books. There are titles such as Crime & Punishment, The Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities and many more. 

Screenshot 2021 02 17 PDF Books Library To download free eBooks

The Open Library

The Open Library is a searchable engine for the available ebooks on the Internet Archive. The number of books available here will bring you to surprise.! There are around 1.5 million items you can find on Open Library. As you open the homepage of the Open Library, there are books which are divided into different categories. There are numerous categories listed. You can also find some textbooks if you wish to read them. It is an open-source for anyone who wishes to read.

Screenshot 2021 02 17 Welcome to Open Library Open Library


The Free-Ebooks.Net is a house of free ebooks. This website is broadly divided into 6 categories, namely, Fiction, non-fiction, Sci-fi, business, self-help and romance. You just need to sign up and you will be able to download the books you wish to read. Your account will be created free of cost. When you have successfully created your account you can download 5 titles free of cost every month! The Free-Ebooks.Net gives us access to books in different languages too.

Screenshot 2021 02 17 Free eBooks net Download free Fiction Health Romance and many more books

International Children’s Digital Library

This site would be best suited to kids. At times there are books which are not suitable for kids to view. So, theInternational Children’s Digital Library is a solution to this problem. It a house of books for young minds. The books available here have different difficulty levels. The books are available in 4 languages. The books are categorized for easy searching for the title you wish to read. There are various features too that stimulates the kids to read. 

Screenshot 2021 02 17 ICDL International Childrens Digital Library

Ebooks have made reading easier for us. We can sit back home and read anytime we want without actually buying the book. And these free ebooks sites will help you download them too. So what’s your excuse to not read?   


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