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How to Make Travel Videos – 5 Tips for Beginners

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How to make travel videos? Two years have passed since I asked myself this question for the first time. I am always discovering new tricks, but I still have to practice a lot.

This can make you understand how making good videos is not so simple. Personally, then I have an extra difficulty. I need my travel videos, in addition to being presentable, are seen by many people, but this is another problem that maybe you don’t care about.

This does not mean that if you follow these 5 basic steps, in my opinion, you will immediately get good results.

In reality, technically, there is not much difference between a travel video and a video with another theme. The rules are more or less the same, but the best part is that they are not that important.

Your idea, your project, your creativity must come out. Do not shoot at random. Only with an Action Camera can you afford to take direct action.

Get ready first and think about what you’re going to see. Imagine the finished video and then make it.

Travel Videos

Here is the strategy what I follow to create travel videos.

Step 1 – Choice of equipment

There is no need for professional equipment to make videos to be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, or to be viewed on home TV together with friends and family.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to take pictures, you bought the camera, and if you wanted to make videos, you bought the video camera.

Today everything is done with every type of equipment. The camera also takes photographs (including raw format), and the camera makes excellent videos (professional with the latest SLR or mirrorless).

Lately, there is also the fantastic invention of the Drone that offers exciting aerial images. However, excellent videos can also be obtained with smartphones.

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The important thing is that if you use your phone, you make horizontal videos. Never vertical videos!

The videos thus obtained are then edited, and it takes a good program, simple and intuitive. I can’t tell you what you can find among complicated video editing programs, I use FlexClip video maker on my Chrome browser, and it is more than enough to get good results, as well as being fast and simple.

This simple and intuitive video editor is ideal for those who want, in addition to photos, to add short videos to the travel film.

Step 2 – Composition of the shot

Many friends seeing my videos asked me if I had abandoned photography. Of course not, I believe that the rule of the composition of the shot does not change and is the same in photography and video.

I found that making videos in some cases allowed me to add more movement to my photos.


Step 3 – Duration of the video

Always remember to put yourself in the shoes of what your video will see. He will not have made the trip with you and will not experience your own emotions.

What is exciting for you may be boredom for him. Pay attention to this when you edit your video. Duration is fundamental.

On average, there is talk of 4/5 minutes on video, not more. If what you need to tell is a long journey, consider making multiple episodes.


Step 4 – Music

Music is a fundamental component of the final result. Take some time to choose the genre first and then the song. Remember to look for tracks with royalty-free, that is, with the free use license for the web.

With FlexClip video maker, you can also get access to its vast media library and find lots of royalty-free videos for free.

The main thing is to edit the video on the music. Images and audio must not run on two separate channels but must come together to form one.

As the emotions transmitted by the video grow, there must be a variation and a growth in the song. “Beat time” and set the image changes to the beat of the song.

It is important not to insert clips longer than 6/8 seconds except in special cases such as speech or spectacular shots.

Travel Videos

Step 5 – Put your face on it

Get used to talking in front of the lens. If you have no particular ambitions of videomaker, it is essential to show you and tell yourself what you are feeling.

You’re doing it for your friends and family. They will certainly be more involved in seeing you now and then between one wonderful place and another.

I hope I have told you something useful about how to create a travel video. Are you ready to get down to business and create your travel video now?

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